Max-Pro 3mm Thick Frying Pan Non-Stick Fry Pot with Glass Lid ( Induction and Gas Stove Compatible), 240 mm, Aluminium, Black

Brand Ivbox
Material Aluminium
Colour Grey
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
Number of Pieces 1
Is Oven Safe No
Model Name Max-Pro-3mm_FryPan
Has Nonstick Coating Yes


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About this item

  • 2-in-1 induction & Gas Compatible :- Works with Gas stoves and induction Cooktops & flame proof Outer Hammer-Tone Coating.
  • 3-mm Thick aluminium Body -: Durable cookware that heats up quickly and uniformly.
  • Consumes Less Energy : This Indian Style tava/tawa pan can be used to make Dosa, roti, chapati, paratha. It cooks food in less time and consumes less gas and light .
  • PFOA Free, Food-Grade which ensures fully non toxic coatings. You can enjoy food absolutely worry free.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION : Made of Heavy aluminium that provides even heat conduction and prevents hot spots.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE : With this multi-purpose Non-Stick Pan, you get to heat, roast, sear and fry. Now prepare paper light, well cooked Dosas, Chapatis roasted to the nicely cooked Parathas, Omletes, Pancakes and more for your loved ones and get flooded with praises.
  • BEST USE OF iVBOX Non-STICK Cookware -: We at iVBOX suggest to use non-stick cookware at LOW & Medium Flam with wooden & Nylon Spatula For Better cooking and LONGER LIFE of non-stick Coating.
  • Bakelite Handles -: Good Quality Cool touch handles that do not become loose over time.
  • Easy Clean Up : No extra pressure needs to be applied. The smooth Non-Stick coated surface of the Dosa tawa can be easily cleaned by softly rubbing a soapy sponge and washing with water.